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Walnut Oil 核桃油

Walnut Oil 核桃油

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This superb oil is made from roasted walnuts. It has an intense nut flavor that perfectly underscores endive salad or any other salad. This oil should not be heated otherwise beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids will be destroyed. This oil can also be used as a natural skin care!

核桃含豐富奧米加三脂肪酸,為腦部細胞提供重要元素,同時含有「α-亞麻酸」(ALA) 能保護心臟,它能在人體轉化成另外兩種奧米加三脂肪酸DHA及EPA,對腦部及心臟健康有益。而ALA本身亦有助降低膽固醇及血壓,具有保護心血管的功效,可媲美深海魚油。

Origin: France

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