About Us / 關於我們

Welcome to vomFASS: a true candy shop for adults. We offer an incredible treasure trove of specialty oils, vinegars, liqueurs, whisky, brandies and more from around the world.

Where It Began

The vomFASS artistry began in 1840, where the Kiderlen family in the central Upper Swabia began their production of high-quality products made from the best raw substances in the world. These products turn modern and everyday cuisine into something exceptional, giving sophisticated dishes that notable finishing touch. What their remote ancestor, Adrian Kiderlen, began more than 170 years ago has been maintained, refined, and continuously improved by generations of successors.

Our European Roots

The first vomFASS store opened on March 23, 1994 in Ravensburg, Germany. In the years since, vomFASS has grown from a local retailer, in a small German city, to an international enterprise with nearly 300 stores worldwide. vomFASS is now the premier leader in offering a unique culinary tasting experience, with exceptional products and extraordinary customer service. We offer the an incredible treasure trove of specialty oils, vinegars, liqueurs, whiskies, wines and more from around the world.

For over 20 years, vomFASS has been producing quality products at the highest level. Our many years of experience and close relationships with our suppliers guarantee that we offer nothing but the best from our diverse product range. Our selection of oils, vinegars and liquors have reaped impressive awards and recognitions from renowned institutes worldwide and are currently used in Michelin star-awarded restaurants and by some of the world's top chefs and culinary stalwarts.


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