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Welcome to vomFASS,
A Creative Culinary World.

As a passionate gourmet who has traveled the world and sampled the very best there is to offer, I discovered that the enjoyment of food and drink depends largely on the quality of the foundation ingredients. This principle of product excellence was the bench mark I used when I founded vomFASS.


vomFASS’ wide range of products are thoughtfully sourced, nurtured and cultivated from responsible growers around the world. We pride ourselves on our respect for nature and the growers who dedicate themselves to producing the highest quality ingredients in a sustainable system.

I invite you to share this enthusiasm for quality and enjoyment with me.

Yours truly,

Johannes Kiderlen

vomFASS Founder


Upon visiting our shop, you will be enchanted by the treasure trove of rich oaken casks, colorful glass balloons, artisanal stoneware crocks and graceful amphorae. These signature vessels are each filled with an amazing fruit vinegar; an exquisite oil; a unique liqueur or a fine, rare spirit.


Once you’ve had a chance to explore the wide variety of options, our knowledgeable staff are on hand
to treat you to as many tastes as
you desire. We offer wonderful pairings, product history, cooking suggestions and product uses.
Our staff will also help you find
he perfect bottle to store or ship
your chosen selection.


Our products are perfect for creating exquisite dishes, sharing with loved ones, enhancing a healthy lifestyle, and experiencing the simple joy that tasting a fine spirit or wine provides. Our earth-friendly, refillable bottles are a reminder that you are always just a visit away from not only eco-friendly contribution, but another great taste experience.

Company Responsibility

Ecological Responsibility

Nature is our raw material supplier. In the course of the year, our building produces at least as much energy as it consumes.
We respect our resources and ensure
that everything we do is sustainable.

To further promote this ecological responsibility, we encourage you to reuse and refill your bottles at our company stores.

Regional Responsibility

We take our regional responsibilities seriously, and have supported suppliers

of local products for many years.

For example, the apples we procure for products such as our Apple Balsamic Vinegar are required to be exclusively grown in the orchard meadows of

Upper Swabia. This is our contribution toward stablizing the region and support

a fair income for local farmers.

Ethical Responsibility

We actively support social endeavors, such as the fair trade project of Father Shay Cullen, who has been frequently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He directs PREDA, an organization for child protection and fair trade in the Philippines, and has made it his mission to fight for social justice and children’s rights.

Our Awards

For 20 years, vomFASS has been producing exceptional products of the highest quality.

We have received over 100 awards from renowned institutes honoring vomFASS products

for their contribution to the culinary world. It is with great pride that vomFASS brings

these award-winning products to our customers year round.

Award-winning vomFASS products are recognized as some of the best in the world.

Part of the vomFASS magic derives from our careful selection and nurtured relationships

with the finest growers/producers from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Many producers are multigenerational businesses who follow the strictest guidelines for

cultivation, harvesting, land stewardship, maturation, and extraction practices.

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