"T̢ân Y Ddraig" Penderyn Distillery, Single Malt Welsh Whisky

"T̢ân Y Ddraig" Penderyn Distillery, Single Malt Welsh Whisky

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"Tân Y Ddraig" translates to "Fire of the Dragon", giving a nod to the dragon which is the national symbol of Wales. Aged in refilled Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams Bourbon Barrels (Evan Williams is used because Mr. Williams emigrated from Wales) and rested in an ex-Oloroso Sherry Barrel. Tân Y Ddraig whiskey also highlights how different types of oak influences a single whiskey with the vanilla and muted caramel notes coming from the bourbon barrel and spicy notes being collected from the sherry finish.

This whiskey also highlights how the type of still affects the product. Penderyn uses the Faraday still, a special single pot still designed by Dr. David Faraday a descendant of the famous Victorian-era scientist Michael Faraday. This still allows their whiskey to enter the barrel at an industry high 92% alcohol which leads to the extraction of markedly different organic acids and esters than other single malts.

Fine tropical fruits in the nose and balance, elegance and complexity on the palate. These are all details which will excite whisky connoisseurs looking for something new, besides the well-known Irish and Scotch Whiskies.

Origin: Wales, United Kingdom
Cask: Bourbon Cask, finished in Madeira Cask
Alcohol Content: 43% Vol
Size: 500ml
Awards: DLG Gold
No chill filtration & no coloring has been applied.

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