Wheat Germ Oil / 小麥胚芽油

Wheat Germ Oil / 小麥胚芽油

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The vitality of the grain is concentrated in the small germs. These germs contain the oil, which is dark yellow colored due to its special antioxidant ingredients. You can use this oil on its own or in combination with others. If you bake bread, you can add a bit of this flavorsome oil to your dough. It is also a great addition to salads. Wheat germ oil is actually the vegetable with the highest content of Vitamin E!


Origin: Germany / 原產地:美國
Cold Pressed

Not recommened for heating or cooking / 不作煮食用途
For Food: Salad, Cold dishes / 食用: 沙律, 冷盤
Other Uses: Skin, Hair, Make up removal, Massage / 其他用途: 皮膚, 頭髮, 卸妝, 按摩
For Health: Take 2 teaspoons, 2 times daily / 健康用途: 2茶匙, 每天2次

  • Very High in vitamin E
  • Also contains Vitamin A, B, D & antioxidants
  • May help reduce cholesterol
  • Can reduce risk of heart disease & helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Helps reduce scars
  • Good as a natural hair nourishment
  • Great as a face cleanser - helps keep moisture and gets rid of excess sebum
  • 維生素E含量很高
  • 含有維生素A B D及抗氧化劑
  • 有助降低膽固醇
  • 降低患心臟病的風險,促進保持健康體重
  • 延緩肌膚衰老現象
  • 有助淡化疤痕
  • 滋養髮絲
  • 良好的潔膚產品,幫助肌膚保持水分並去除多餘油脂

Nutritional values per 100ml / 每100毫升營養價值:
Energy / 熱量 (kJ): 3404
Energy / 熱量 (kcal): 828
Fat / 脂肪 (g): 92
of which saturates / 其中飽和 (g): 16
Carbohydrates / 碳水化合物 (g): 0
of which sugars / 其中糖 (g): 0
Proteins / 蛋白質 (g): 0
Salt / 鹽 (g): 0

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