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Plum Balsamic Star 布冧(洋李子)陳醋

Plum Balsamic Star 布冧(洋李子)陳醋

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The Plum Balsamic Star features a full-bodied aroma of ripe plums. Refined with concentrated plum juice and plum puree, this wonderful creation impresses with its intensive red colour and rich taste of sweet plums. Use this specialty to refine desserts, fruit salads and sauces or add it to your salad dressings as a fruity highlight. Try this vinegar together with our hazelnut oil or tangerine oil!

布冧(洋李子),是櫻桃屬李亞屬中的幾種核果果樹及其果實的名稱。布冧 (洋李子)醋的味道酸甜可口、不刺激,可強化血紅素機能、調理生理不順、子宮收縮不良等,對女生身體的調養助益大。現代中醫認為李子具有清肝、生津、利尿等,有助改善津少易渴、小便不利、食慾不振、肝硬化腹水、酒精中毒等症。

Origin: Germany 
Acidity: 4%

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