Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The basis for this oil is the finest extra virgin olive oil, imbued with the fiery and fruity taste of the Jalapeno pepper. It is superb for marinating grilled meat and vegetables or for refining pasta. The oil should not be heated too strongly to preserve its aroma. This product is a seasonal item and is only available while supplies last.

Origin: Italy

Nutritional values per 100ml:
Energy (kJ): N/A
Energy (kcal): N/A
Fat (g): N/A
of which saturates (g): N/A
Carbohydrates (g): N/A
of which sugars (g): N/A
proteins (g): N/A
Salt (g): N/A

*This product will be filled into a Dark Green Bottle
*All pictures shown are for reference only. Actual product may vary due to graphic enhancement.

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