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Date Balsamic Star Vinegar

Date Balsamic Star Vinegar

  • $115.00

Because dates only ripen at temperatures of between 30-35 °C, the raw substances for this balsamic specialty come from the Near East. This is where the “real date palm” originates, and where the best quality of fruits are produced. Within a very short time, the Date Balsamic Star has developed into the bestseller amongst our Star Vinegar products. The vinegar obtained from date wine is enriched with data juice concentrate until its acidity level is only 3 % - a unique product which need not fear comparison with the matured Aceto Balsamicos! Perfect as a base for salad dressings, as well as for tomato sauces and even desserts, such as ice cream or Camembert cheese. Also good in a marinade for red meat or game and on grilled vegetables, meat, or seafood, such as king prawns.

Origin: Germany
Acidity: 3%