Calamansi Balsamic Pearls

  • $95.00

These small pearls made of our best Calamansi Balsamic are not only an eye-catcher on fruity desserts and salads but also can enhance many other dishes. We recommend our pearls with your next fish or poultry dish. For great flavor, try them as a final touch next time you make homemade sushi.

Origin: Italy
Net Weight: 50g

Ingredients: Calamansi Balsamic (Calamansi juice 40 %, distilled vinegar, cane sugar), thickening agent: cellulose gum, gelling agents: calcium chloride, sodium alginate

Nutritional values per 100ml:
Energy (kJ): 592
Energy (kcal): 142
Fat (g): 0
of which saturates (g): 0
Carbohydrates (g): 29.5
of which sugars (g): 29.5
proteins (g): 0
Salt (g): 0.05

*All pictures shown are for reference only. Actual product may vary due to graphic enhancement.

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