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Champagne Rosé brut - Bernard Remy

Champagne Rosé brut - Bernard Remy

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A dreamy rosé champagne, with a lively red fruit, on fresh red berries, a fine perelage and a wonderfully clear taste on the palate.

Grape Variety: 60% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, 5% Meunier
Fragrance: Fresh and lively scent of red berries, cherries, biscuit and subtle exoticism.
Taste: Refreshing and fresh on the palate, with clear fruit red berries, fine acidity and perlage, very harmonious, perfectly balanced, beautiful length
Food Recommendation: Wonderful as an aperitif, but also wonderful too with salmon or sushi
Alcohol Content: 12.0% Vol.
Size: 750ml
Origin: France, Champagne
Serving Temperature: 8 ° C
Wine Type: Sparkling wine

Cultivation Area

Champagne is the home of the champagne and only here can it come from. The region comprises approximately 34,000 hectares of vineyards, divided into five zones: the "Cote de blanc" around the town of Epernay is home to the Chardonnay. In the "Valle de La Marne "stands mainly the Pinot Meunier and grows in the Montagne de Reims especially Pinot Noir. Away from this are the small enclaves "Cote de Sezanne" and "Cote de Bar". Typical for the region are the Cretaceous rocks, which have a great influence on the sparkling wine produced here.


Founded in 1970, Bernard Remy has 11 hectares of champagne vineyards in various regions of Champagne. The estate itself is located in the village Allemant at the so-called Côte Sezanne. The family-run business is the largest value on healthy soils, bridged yields perfectly mature grapes and time the winemaking.