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Apricot Kernel Oil 杏桃仁油

Apricot Kernel Oil 杏桃仁油

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This wonderful cold-pressed oil has a fine consistency and a splendid fruity aroma of almonds and marzipan. THis oil goes well with marinades, for refining sauces and flavoring cold dishes. It is also widely and globally used as a natural cosmetic.

在傳統的義大利料理中常可見到杏核油。另外,沙拉、涼拌冷盤也相當適合淋上杏核油做為提味。專業皮膚科醫生推薦杏核油,是為高修復性植物油,適用於缺油的乾燥肌膚,也是手工皂做為基礎油的最佳選擇。含油酸、亞麻仁油酸及維他命 A 、 E ,能平衡身體機能,並柔潤皮膚、保持彈性 。IMO 自然農法認證。 (Bio cultivation)。

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