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Apple Balsamic Star 特級蘋果陳醋

Apple Balsamic Star 特級蘋果陳醋

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Our Apple Balsamic Vinegar is refined for this product to make it even more concentrated, even sweeter, even more harmonious in taste and to make it even more redolent of a natural apple. Suitable for sauces, marinades, and coleslaw and other raw vegetable salads. You can also use this vinegar as a tangy glaze for oven-roasted vegetables, chicken, or duck or try it as a dipping sauce for a juicy pork roast. If you're looking for something new, use it as the base for non-alcoholic aperitifs. or simply serve over ice with a dash of water for a powerful, refreshing drink.

我們將蘋果醋的橡木桶存放於阿爾卑斯山脈下的室外通風閣樓,夏天乾熱、冬天酷寒大雪覆蓋橡木桶(夏伏曬、冬撈冰) ,讓醋在四季的變遷中自然進行氧化、醋化和蒸發濃縮的反應。讓木桶中的油脂及香味滲透到醋裡,使蘋果醋的口感有濃郁的甜香 。

Origin: Germany
Acidity: 4%

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