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"Amrita" Indian Single Malt Whisky, 6 Years

"Amrita" Indian Single Malt Whisky, 6 Years

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This single malt is matured for 6 years in wooden casks at an average temperature of 36°C. The hot weather makes whisky mature faster in India than it does in Europe or United States. Experts estimated that aging whisky in India is 3 times faster than in Scotland. However, the angels share (evaporation) is also higher in India, at 11-12% per year compared to the 2% in Scotland.
All this is reflected in this whisky’s dark color and mature flavor. A wonderful fragrance of tropical fruits including pineapple and coconut combine with a strong aroma of liquorice from the wood cask. Sweet on the palate with hints of raisin and cinnamon in the finish. 

Origin: India
Age: 6 Years
Alcohol Content: 45.6% Vol
Size: 500ml

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