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Single Malt Whiskies

We love whiskies at vomFASS, and we exercise this love by spending a lot of time selecting the best ones for you. We are constantly looking for the best ones, bringing you exclusive whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, America, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, India and more! 

Grain Whiskies

Until recent years, nobody in the whisky market was talking about so-called grain whiskies. It was simple and treated rather poorly. It was considered to be good enough to build the boring base of big brand whiskies and then enhanced by high-quality malt whiskies. Time to rethink.

Today's grain whiskies can be very favourably compared to a malt whisky if they are refined by experts or matured correctly. At vomFASS we have used our excellent relationships to offer you unique single grain whiskies!

Single Cask Whiskies

You know that feeling when you are eating a carton full of strawberries and there is one strawberry that tastes extraordinarily good? We have a similar feeling when we taste the differnt samples of whisky casks. Sometimes a single cask is just so outstanding that we want to honour them by having them bottled separately! The bottling is always very limited and one cask rarely produces more than a few hundred bottles. Truly the best of the best!

Blended Whiskies

At the end of the 19th century, phylloxera hit vineyards hard and the elite clubs of the British upper classes ran out of brandy, the favourite club spirit at the time. This shortage coincided with the first large production of grain whiskies blended with malt whiskies.

VomFASS has been partnering with master blenders for many years to create the most premium blends. Each one is made with a clear vision in mind and crafted into absolute perfection. 

Two Casks

Two Casks is made up of two special single casks of the best single malts from selected distilleries. Both casks complement each other perfectly to create a splendid malt whisky, which is unique and has an outstanding quality.

When only two casks are used, the amount a is relatively small. We use one cask from the island of Islay and one from either the Highlands or Speyside. That way, the smokiness and roughness of Islay is combined with a cask full of richness and complexity.