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Our History

Where It Began

The vomFASS artistry began in 1840, where the Kiderlen family in the central Upper Swabia began their production of high-quality products made from the best raw substances in the world. These products turn modern and everyday cuisine into something exceptional, giving sophisticated dishes that notable finishing touch. What their remote ancestor, Adrian Kiderlen, began more than 170 years ago has been maintained, refined, and continuously improved by generations of successors.

Our European Roots

The first vomFASS store opened on March 23, 1994 in Regensburg, Germany. In the years since, vomFASS has grown from a local retailer, in a small German city, to an international enterprise with nearly 300 stores worldwide. vomFASS is now the premier leader in offering a unique culinary tasting experience, with exceptional products and extraordinary customer service. 

VomFASS Arrives In Hong Kong

VomFASS Hong Kong began its journey in 2014 when two brothers were working in Manila, Philippines. The younger of the two brothers, Gabriel, discovered a completely unique experience when he first tasted vomFASS’ products. Fascinated by the concept of the store and its products, Gabriel quickly told his older brother Jeffrey about it. Trying hard to describe how amazing the oils, vinegars, spirits and wine were, Gabriel finally managed to convince Jeffrey of how extraordinary vomFASS is after bringing him to the store. Blown away by it, Jeffrey promptly joined Gabriel in opening the first vomFASS  shop in Hong Kong on February 27th, 2015.