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Our product descriptions and information is intended for informational purposes only.  It is not intended provide any health, medical or dietary advice or claim. It is not a substitute for professional health, medical or dietary advice or treatment.

它並無意提供任何健康,醫療,飲食建議或要求。 它不能替代專業的健康,醫療,飲食建議或治療。

The information provided on the Vomfass.com.hk Website and in any VomFASS store locations is for a general, indicative purpose only. Vomfass.com.hk and any Vomfass stores locations will not be liable for any errors in, omissions from, or misstatements or misrepresentations concerning, (whether express or implied), any such information, and will not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction or damage (including without limitation consequential loss, destruction or damage) however arising from or in respect of any use or misuse of or reliance on the information delivered on the thenaturalshop.hk Website.

Vomfass.com.hk網站 和我們所有門市分店的資料,只作一般性質及說明用途。對該等資料不會就任何錯誤、遺漏或錯誤陳述或失實陳述(不論明示或暗示的)承擔任何責任。對任何因使用或不當使用或依據Vomfass.com.hk網站和我們所有門市分店所載的資料而引致或所涉及的損失、毀壞或損害(包括但不限於相應而生的損失、毀壞或損害),概不承擔任何義務、責任或法律責任。

 Vomfass.com.hk and any VomFASS store locations are entitled to delete, suspend or edit all information on the vomfass.com.hk website or in any VomFASS store locations at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reason. Users are responsible for making their own assessments of all information contained in or in connection with the vomfass.com.hk Website or any VomFASS store locations and are advised to verify such information by making reference to its original publication and obtain independent advice before acting on it.


This Disclaimer has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.


By using the vomfass.com.hk Website, you agree to accept unconditionally the terms of this Disclaimer and as they may be revised and/or amended from time to time by the vomfass.com.hk without prior notice to you. Please check this web page regularly for any revisions and/or amendments which may be made.



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