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Cherry Balsamic 車厘子(櫻桃)陳醋

Cherry Balsamic 車厘子(櫻桃)陳醋

  • $65.00

Produced 100% from cherry wine, this fruity-sour creation has a dark red colour and a fine fruity aroma of sour cherries. On the palate it is fruity with a typical acidity and pleasant sweetness. It’s also an excellent glaze for a wide variety of meat dishes: duck, turkey, pork & lamb. It makes an extravagant addition to champagne or sparkling white wine, and can turn a bowl of vanilla ice cream into a tangy treat.

此款櫻桃香醋帶有天然的櫻桃風味,色澤美豔紅麗,能為料理增添愉悅的感動。對長期使用電腦的人有保護視力的作用。櫻桃裡含有豐富的維生素 A 和鐵,有助視力的恢復和補充大腦血液。維生素 A 含量比蘋果、葡萄等高出 4-5 倍;鐵含量也比蘋果等水果高出很多,對血紅素的提高有很大的幫助 。

Acidity: 6%

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