Ozeki: Oosakaya Chobei (Daiginjo)

Ozeki: Oosakaya Chobei (Daiginjo)

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A refreshing aftertaste with splendid deep flavour and a rich aroma. This noble and sophisticated Daiginjo has passed down the skills and the heart of sake brewing to present day. In 2011, three lines were added into the package design to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Ozeki's sake brewing. The new label dynamically expresses Ozeki's history and enthusiasm for sake brewing. It is a superb light and dry sake that is recommended to be served chilled. Goes well with whitefish, sashimi, grilled fish or deep fried vegetables.

Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Category: Daiginjo
Alcohol Content: 15% Vol.
Size: 720ml
Awards: IWC Commended Award Winner

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