Apricot Kernel Oil / 杏桃仁油

Apricot Kernel Oil / 杏桃仁油

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This wonderful oil has a fine consistency and a splendid fruity aroma of almonds and marzipan. This oil goes well with marinades, for refining sauces and flavoring cold dishes as well as added into desserts. It is also widely and globally used in the cosmetics industry as a natural skin care!


Origin: Germany / 原產地:德國

Low Heat Only / 低溫 ( Baking / 烘培: < 100°C )
For Food: Salad, Cold dishes, Stewing, Baking, Dessert/
食用: 沙律, 冷盤, 炆燉, 烘培, 甜品
Other Uses: Skin, Hair, Make up removal, Massage / 其他用途: 皮膚, 頭髮, 卸妝, 按摩
For Health: Take 1 teaspoon, 1-2 times daily / 健康用途: 1茶匙, 每天1-2次

  • High in Vitamin E, A & antioxidant
  • Promotes healthy heart 
  • & cardiovascular system
  • Helps brain development & function
  • Brings radiance to skin & hair
  • Fights free radicals
  • Highly anti-inflammatory
  • Helps maintain immune system
  • 含豐富維生素E A及抗氧化劑
  • 促進心臟和心血管系統健康
  • 有助大腦發育及功能
  • 亮麗肌膚及髮絲
  • 抵禦游離基
  • 具消炎作用
  • 維持免疫系統平衡

Nutritional values per 100ml / 每100毫升營養價值:
Energy / 熱量 (kJ): 3404
Energy / 熱量 (kcal): 828
Fat / 脂肪 (g): 92
of which saturates / 其中飽和 (g): 8
Carbohydrates / 碳水化合物 (g): 0
of which sugars / 其中糖 (g): 0
Proteins / 蛋白質 (g): 0
Salt / 鹽 (g): 0

*This product will be filled into a Dark Green Bottle

*All pictures shown are for reference only. Actual product may vary due to graphic enhancement.

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