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1966 Rivesaltes Ambre Hors d'Age

1966 Rivesaltes Ambre Hors d'Age

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Rivesaltes wines from the hot Roussillon are perhaps the most underrated sweet wines of the world.

Grape Variety: Grenache blanc / gris / noir, Muscat d'Alexandrie
Fragrance: Intense, very complex smell dried apricots, figs, dates, nuts taste. Powerful and concentrated in the mouth, finely nutty, intense aroma, rich fruit, complex, long
Recommended Food: Fits beautifully to many desserts, but also to game or poultry
Alcohol Content: 16.0% Vol.
Size: 750ml
Origin: France, Roussillion
Vintage: 1966
Serving Temperature: 10 ° C
Wine Type: Dessert wine

Cultivation Area

The Roussilion region lies deep in the south of France. Here were the first muscat grapes cultivated as the basis for the famous, fortified sweet wines were used. The inventor of the world-famous sweet wines was Arnaud de Villanova, King of Mallorca, to whose empire the Roussillion belonged until 1659. Enclosed will cover the area of ​​three mountain ranges and the approximately 37,000 hectares of vineyards partly at heights of up to 600 meters. Mainly red and rosé wines but as an absolute specialty the inimitable ones are, of course, the same sweet wines, Banyuls and Rivesaltes.


The Arnaud de Villeneuve - Les Vignobles Rivesaltais cooperates with the grapes from more than 500 attached grape-growers, covering over 3,000 hectares land in more than 40 villages. In addition to white, red and rosé wines, this is true special heart blood of this factory producing the famous Rivesaltes-Sweet wines. These are often stored for a long time and therefore this property has one remarkable stock of mature vintage rarities, which with their incomparable have already won many friends.