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Wild Rosehip Oil 野生玫瑰果油

Wild Rosehip Oil 野生玫瑰果油

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This unique oil with its intense, red-orange color & delicate aroma of vanilla & dried fruit is produced from the small, hard seeds of the rosehip, (fruit of the wild rose). Try this oil mixed with other oils for salads, raw fruits or vegetables. This oil is famously known as a natural skincare. (excellent in combination with almond oil or evening primrose oil).

野玫瑰油是一種稀少珍貴的植物油,為豐富維生素 C 的天然來源。 冷盤涼拌、沙拉、冰淇淋、或直接飲用,都可以吸收它的精華。專業皮膚科醫生推薦,直接使用野玫瑰油於皮膚表面,可淡化皮膚上的斑點,比如粉刺留下的印跡、小疤痕、棕色斑點等。也適合護髮,保養指甲,成為玫瑰美人 。IMO 自然農法認證。

(Bio cultivation) Antioxidant: E306 (natural mixed tocopherol)


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