It's gonna be a Gin Christmas!

Our collection of Gins have been sold out for a while, but they are finally back and just in time for Christmas!

Not only have we brought back old favorites like "Harry's Finest Gin" & "Laurin's Gin", we're also like to introduce to you a brand new gin from France!

"Cheminée Gin" - Gin from Vosges Region, France

This gin was distilled on a small potstill from a small distillery in the Vosges Region of France. The finest fully matured oranges, cinnamon and 10 other botanicals give this its incomparable flavor.

The distilled Gin has then been macerated with orange peels to further extract its aromas. During this process, the gin also gets it's orange color.

With its strong cinnamon and orange flavors, its association with a more cosy setting cannot be ignored. Therefore this Gin was named "Cheminée" which means fireplace. 


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